About Us

Mi Great Lakes Fish Co. – Continuing the Legacy

Family First, Michigan Proud

Meet Our Family

To understand who “Mi Great Lakes Fish Co.” is you have to meet the owners: Dan and Mega Sodini, affectionately known as the “fish guy” and “fish lady.” Also, our five incredible children: Allie, Kate, Josie, Emma, and Jacob, which makes us the “fish fam.” And no matter what you catch us doing, whether it’s driving to the fish house, setting up or tearing down at a market, making a delivery, packing an order, meeting new customers, talking about fish, or sleeping after a long market day – we are together.

Our History

It all began with a conversation, canopy, coolers of Great Lakes fish and our very first Farmers Market in Midland, MI. Since becoming a Great Lakes fish vendor we have expanded to over ten local communities, operating 15 Markets and serving hundreds of customers each week.

Ride the Wave

Sometimes an unexpected opportunity comes your way, and you step into it because it meets an important need. The need for us as a family was the flexibility to be together when we needed to be.

This adventure has challenged us, grown us, and taught us many lessons along the way. We’ve learned that what you do – and how you do it – matters because it helps meet a need that someone else has.

Lake Superior

Family Ties

We are proud to wear our family name at every market and for every mile we travel. We are representing only the best of Michigan’s Great Lakes fish, and the joy we feel to be represented at your family’s dinner time is an honor.